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PED의 통제와 제거 - PEDv Control and Elimination




Control and Elimination


Previous issues discussed risks and prevention of infection with PEDv. What about when the disease gets into your farm? A comprehensive elimination strategy is needed to return to optimal productivity. The basics of PED elimination from a sow herd include:
1.      Load and Close - bring in enough replacement gilts for the next 4-6 months, and then close the herd to any new introductions.
2.      Expose - effective contact of all animals in the herd with infective PED virus is required to develop solid and consistent immunity across the entire population. Feedback of intestinal content from affected piglets early in the course of the disease should begin immediately. Monitor occurrence of clinical signs in the sows to confirm effective exposure. It is imperative to ensure each and every animal in the herd is exposed during the first week.
3.      Break the cycle - losses approaching 100% of the pigs are expected for a 3 to 4 week period as sow herd immunity builds. Once piglets survive beyond 7 days, strict implementation of infection control strategies is required, including all-in-all-out by farrowing room, ensuring colostrum intake, no cross-fostering or piglet movements, euthanasia of small or weak piglets, and minimizing age spread. Implement all steps possible to avoid movement of infectious material from gestation to farrowing as well as between crates and rooms.
4.      Hygiene - thorough sanitation of farrowing rooms, hallways, equipment, boots and clothing is required during the cleanup phase to avoid infecting piglets. Don’t forget hot boxes, processing carts, equipment and supplies. A checklist and detailed inspection of the cleanup is necessary to ensure good results.
Working with your veterinarian on a well designed and meticulously implemented farm-specific plan is key to elimination of the virus. Once clinical signs have resolved, fecal swab or swiffer sample testing is used to verify success. Additional information is available from PIC, and at: